Payment options                                  

We offer affordable and flexible payment plans at 0% financing.  FSAs, HSAs and all insurances accepted.

Orthodontic treatment is an outstanding investment in the overall health and psychological well-being of children and adults. The cost of treatment will vary, depending on the severity of the problem. Our treatment coordinator will work out a plan suited to your individual needs. NOTE: Potential tax advantage: the IRS allows you to deduct orthodontic treatment as a medical expense. The entire treatment fee can be deducted in the year that treatment begins, even though payments are spread over several years.  Please consult your tax adviser for details. **For those of you with Flexible Spending Accounts, a custom payment arrangement can be established to ensure that you do not miss out on using pre-tax dollars.  Ask us how! **Family discounts are given to each additional family member that starts treatment.


1) Monthly Payment Plan (Interest-Free!)

We offer 0% and 10% down-payment options that can be broken up into monthly installments.  There is NO interest with this payment option.  For your convenience, we can set up auto-draft via credit or debit cards.

2) Payment in Full

By paying in full at the start of treatment,  there are no coupon books or monthly statements.  As a result, we are able to pass along a generous, 5% bookkeeping discount if paid by cash or check.  If you prefer, you may use a credit card instead and receive a 3% discount.

If you have questions regarding your account, please contact us at (603) 673-2406.