Alphabet Game
See the letter and a picture, select the letters, type the letters, then go to the next one!
William Willya’s Rhyming Game
Pick the rhyming word to complete each little rhyme
Dress a Teddy

Combine different teddy parts. Requires Netscape 3.

Funny Clowns

Fun observation game, predicting the outcome of a picture and then studying clown faces for similarities and differences – parent and child activity

Fun Match

Match animals, instruments, numbers, good food, junk food, flowers and more in this multi-level matching game.

Fun With Hats

Match funny hats to some funny people

Fun With Fire Engines

Parent/child activity – discuss the pictures and see what you notice

Fun With Trains

Parent/child activities – discuss the pictures and what you can find

Making Faces Game

Scramble the different faces. Requires Netscape 3.

Matching Pictures Game

One of these pictures is not like the others, can you tell which one?


One of these things is not like the other….. if you’re right 20 times, you can post your name!

A Rainbow of Frogs

Observation and discussion game for parent and child involving colors and cute frogs

Scenario Creator

Write a story with forest animals, what are they saying, what are they doing? Requires reading, but fun with a parent’s help

Spatial Concepts Fun

This is a parent/child activity – look at the pictures and ask your child about what is on, beside, together, apart, full, etc. Has a printout too, so you can play the game live!